Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm Off!

Well, my flight was cancelled, but after spending two hours on the phone with a ticketing agent (Thanks Regan!) I have a new flight and I'll still make it to La Manzanilla in time to meet my team.

Enjoy the snow everyone!


Anonymous said...

Cindy - I am so sad that I will not be there. Continental could not get me on a flight until Wed but I am SO glad you all were able to reschedule. I think lots of college kids were going to Mexico for spring break. I will vicariously enjoy the project by reading your blogs. Have a wonderful time, enjoy the warm weather, and I'll be watching. Beth

Eliza said...

Ms. Krol:

I'm glad you're safely on your way! Your Philadelphia fan base eagerly awaits Big Science News from La Manzanilla.

Ms. Heaton,
Ms. L'Heureux, and
Ms. Petunia

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms.Krol!!!!! Have you seen any cool oysters stuck on the mangrove trees?I'm devestated that you're not here with us right now.I don't have anything to look foward to in D block now.But I am so glad you are having fun in Mexico.