Sunday, March 18, 2007

In La Manzanilla!

It seems like it has been more than a day since my last post! My flight actually did get cancelled, but I was able to get on another one. I met up with Mrs. Perkins and Ms. Shluger (a teacher from Fuller) in Phoenix. Unfortunately, we missed our plane to Manzanillo so we had to take a flight to Puerto Vallarta. Once we got to Puerto Vallarta, we took a taxi to La Manzanilla. We thought it was going to be a two hour ride on a highway, but it actually was a FOUR hour ride on curvy mountain roads! We ended up finally meeting up with our Earthwatch group around 1 am.

Today, we spent the whole morning listening to lectures from the researchers and learning about all the neat stuff we'll be seeing in the field. It was a LOT to learn, but so interesting. I kept wishing that all my students could be here with me - I really need to get that magic schoolbus so we can take awesome field trips! After lunch we took a little siesta and then we all took a walk to check out the mangroves and some crocodiles. Check out the picture of some of the crocodiles we saw - they were huge!

Tomorrow we're going to the school in town and we're going to plant a bunch of trees - I'm sure I'll have some great pictures for you all!


Melissa said...

Be careful around the crocodiles! I would be very scared around those waterways. We miss you at Walsh already... especially me! Ms. Torigian

Anonymous said...

Ms. Krol, hope you have a great time, despite the heat and late arrival! Eat some refried beans for me, and take lots of pictures of the animals and habitat, and housing! Hasta luego, Sra. Welch

Melissa said...

Hi Ms. Krol! It sounds like you are having quite the adventure in Mexico, and getting to LaManzanilla. How did the tree planting go? Is it very hot there? We all miss you at Walsh. I am going to get Wally some tasty treats today after school. Ms. Torigian

Eliza said...

Dear Ms. Krol,

When you were in the taxi on the windy roads, did you feel sick at all? Did the taxi have air conditioning?

When you saw the crocodiles, were they just lounging around? What do they generally eat?

Finally, what sorts of trees will you plant tomorrow? Is the soil over there in La Manzanilla very, very fertile?

I think that's all of the questions from Philadelphia. We're glad you arrived safely and we can't wait to see some neat pictures!

Ms. Heaton
Ms. L'Heureux
Ms. Petunia

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Krol, I have posted but I don't see that you got it, so I'll try again. The last post we can view is the one you wrote on Sunday! I hope everything is ok. I have some great questions for you from the kids. Lots of them want to know what kinds of animals you've seen and whether you've seen any volcanoes?? Several want to know what the mangroves look like and whether they grow everywhere. Please write back!! Mrs. Reedy :)

Melissa said...

Wally had a small feast today that consisted of tasty crickets. I gave him a bunch because I wanted him to be well feed for the rest of the week. I am thinking about you lots, I hope you are having a blast!!! The kids really miss you...

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Rebecca Walker, I'm from Mr. Magee's Advanced Biology class. I just wanted to say hey and that I totally admire what you and the other teachers are doing! Could you share this with the other teachers too, cuz I dont have time to send them anything, class is almost over! LOL! Anyways, I was wondering what kind of things are you, Ms. Perkins and Ms. Shluger are doing different than Magee? Like, are you all doing separate activities or is everyone doing the same thing? Do you have to slep in a hut-type thingy like Magee? Have you seen any snakes? Do the people of La Manzanilla play soccer alot? Like, is it a tradition in their culture?Because I saw a soccer goal in the background of one of the pictures Magee sent us and I just LOVE soccer so I'm really curious... Anyways, got to go... Talk to you and the other teachers soon.
Bye bye!
Rebecca W
Have FUN!!!

Kate said...

Ms Krol! Make sure you are being safe on your journey. Do not get too close to the crocodiles and dangerous animals. Zucca (aka crazy face) and I miss you and are glad you are having fun and learning neat things.