Saturday, March 24, 2007


Even though I'm not leaving La Manzanilla until Monday, today was the last day of work. This morning Mrs. Perkins, Ms. Shluger, and I were assigned to the vegetation project again. We were collecting data in a different spot from yesterday and it wasn't nearly as muddy - yay! Ms. Shluger and I were responsible for measuring the canopy cover and Mrs. Perkins worked hanging up boxes to collect any leaves that fall from the trees. Measuring the canopy cover was hard in this spot because there was a mix of red and white mangroves and I had to try to measure each separately. Check out the picture of me using the densiometer!

In the afternoon, we worked to make signs to hang up around town. The signs are to discourage littering. One exciting part of making the signs was that I got to use power tools!!!! I was awesome. We made lots of signs and I think they look great.

This evening we're having our last dinner as a group and tomorrow a lot of people are leaving. I'm not sure I'll be able to post tomorrow - if not, I'll see you all on Tuesday!

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